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So 2015 is almost over, and it has been a very difficult year for bee-keepers, I do feel for all you new beekeeper out there, take heart, this has been the most difficult year we have had since starting beekeeping, the weather was the cause, and hopefully you have all managed to get plenty feed into your bees to see them through the winter.

Varroa checks and the necessary treatment done in Oct ,now is the time to keep them supplied with fondant, many of you will also wish to consider Oxalic Acid treatment between Xmas and New Year, a wee word of warning, up here we can see the temperatures drop very rapidly so what is quite a nice day at noon can turn to an extremely cold evening and night, If you open your hives to do Oxalic Acid treatment, esp the trickle method, please bear in mind it takes the colony a long time to get the temperature back up, and this takes longer if the have had wet liquid poured onto them.

Don’t forget  to start to think about what you will need for the season and start to prepare your supers, be wary of putting the wax in to early as it goes hard, we prepare the frames, and boxes and then wax up in March.

Course dates for 2016 are now up on the site, so please have a look, we have added some for 2016 and will consider other aspects of beekeeping if requested, so if you have something you would like some help with, drop us a mail and we will try and arrange a course to suit

DEC 2015