Neil and Evelyn Spence welcome you to our website.

A hobby which quickly became a way of life encouraged us to start Highland Bee Supplies. To get round the problem of always having to rely on mail order for beekeeping supplies we realised this was a problem shared with many beekeepers in the North of Scotland and added significant cost and delay to beekeeping activities. The new service was immediately appreciated by beekeepers all over the North of Scotland, and in 2008 the service was extended to cover all of Scotland. Over the last  years we have extended the range of supplies and services to offer a fully comprehensive range to both the hobby beekeeper and professional apiculturalist.  

We have available from stock all readily required beekeeping supplies and bee feed, but the bulk of the equipment that we promote has been tried and tested in out own apiaries, we can source any other items quickly at competitive prices from our national and international suppliers.


For those requiring new stocks of bees, we supply nucleus colonies of our own native  bees in the early summer and our own naturally mated queens are also available.


New from 2009 are our introductory courses for new beekeepers or those interested in beekeeping but don’t know how to start. More specialised courses are available, please visit our courses page for further information.


For the future we intend to establish an Apiculture centre at our home Apiary, with on-site training suite and training apiary, a bee disease and, in the advancement of the exciting findings of the Glasgow University analysis of our honey which has proved to have health properties far in advance of other honey, a honey analysis laboratory and field scale trials of nectar producing flowers. This new facility will enable us to collaborate with national and international authorities in research and surveillance to benefit Scottish Beekeepers.

We look forward to helping you and your bees in any way we can.